Encoder is a game for 3 or more players. The system will provide a “meaning” (a word or phrase) that a player (the Encoder) needs to encode using a set of primitive” symbols that are provided and explained. The other players (the Decoders) try to guess the meaning. When a Decoder succeeds, points are awarded to both the Decoder and the Encoder, and the play passes on to the next player, who now becomes the Encoder.

The less symbols used, the higher the points scored by the successful Encoder/Decoder pair.

In addition to the symbols, the Encoder may also provide “closeness” Hints, such as “warm” or “hot”. These Hints also cost (partial) points that are deducted from the original score.

There is a time limit for each turn, which varies with the difficulty level selected.

The encoder may give up or “pass” at any time during the turn, and the next player becomes the encoder.

After a selected number of rounds, the player with the highest score wins.



1. A symbol may represent something similar to its “name”. e.g. “sky” = “above”
2. Inverting a symbol may represent the opposite of that. e.g. “above” > “below
3. Turning a symbol on it’s side may represent something “related” in meaning. .e.g “sky > “ceiling”


If two symbols are touching, they may represent a compound meaning.
e.g. ‘hand” + “protect” = “glove”


1. Placing them side-by-side may represent equality or similar weighting. e.g. “brother”, “sister”
2. Placing one above the other may represent precendence of one to another. e.g. “father”, “daughter”
3. Placing them touching on a corner may represent some other relationship. e.g. “uncle”, “niece”



Slide The meaning you have to encode appears here, and its score. 1 Choose symbols from this rack to place on the board Place, configure, and rotate symbols here Guesses will appear here, for you to react to with four buttons Indicate if the guess is wrong, warm, hot, or correct 2 3 4 5 6 Scores and player avatars


Slide 2 3 4 Enter your guesses here All guesses appear here, with hints from the Encoder Scores and player avatars 1 The meaning you have to encode appears here, and its score.